About Us

Building Assets for
the whole Community

At TAWANI Property Development, our appreciation of history makes us keenly aware that the work we do has an impact far beyond construction schedules and property lines. We understand that every structure plays a role in the lives of the individuals who live and work in it and in the community of which it’s a part.

Our commitment to excellence is fueled by the belief we’re building community assets, whether they’re multi-unit residences or commercial spaces. So our approach to every project is methodical, strategic and based on practices of sustainability, whether it’s a renovation or a new construction. Those methods are not the easiest, nor the most cost-effective, but they result in the greatest added value for the many stakeholders invested in the work we do.


Ensuring a development is a benefit for its neighbors in the near- and long-term is no accident. It’s the result of planning and investment and compromise. Every TAWANI development is uniquely suited to its location, but some examples of ways we ensure our projects are a boon to their communities include:

  • Carry forward local architecture traditions and styles
  • Maintain a sense of scale appropriate to the surrounding architecture
  • Create local jobs
  • Enhance views with landscaping and greenspace
  • Restore vacant/underused lots to the tax rolls
  • Create new rental housing in needed areas
  • Create additional foot traffic and new business patrons